Lighting Control

Lighting control is considered essential for commercial buildings. Dependent on the building use (and design), warehouses, offices and retail stores, schools, hospitals, and hotels will all require different commercial lighting control solutions.

The best lighting control system (LCS) for your site or location will be determined by a number of factors including types of light fittings, and functionality (i.e. are the lights to be switched, or dim up and down; will they adjust according to natural daylight; will they operate on occupancy, or on pre-set schedules?)   Your lighting control system may be ‘stand alone’ or it may integrate with other building systems such as HVAC and AV.

A small number of possible control scenarios are outlined below, but a multitude of options are available. We can advise on the best, and most cost effective solution for your building: whether at the planning stage, a new build, or the upgrade of an existing property.

Lighting Control DALI Dimming 705x260 - Lighting Control

DALI Dimming

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. A DALI control system can be a source of significant energy savings. Another advantage is the ability to make changes via programming only, with no need to re-arrange or re-group lights as in a fixed output system.

Lighting Control DALI Broadcast 495x260 - Lighting Control

DALI Broadcast

If individual addressing of luminaires is not required,  a DALI broadcast controller can control up to 64 devices on a single DALI line. This allows ‘group’ control via a rotary switch or similar.

wireless controls 495x260 - Lighting Control

Wireless Controls

With wireless lighting control, cabling and expensive switchboard upgrades are unnecessary. Any building can become a smart building offering full analytics.

lighting control app 705x260 - Lighting Control

Lighting Control App

Allow staff to control the brightness levels of the light over their desk from their phone or tablet via the new touch app from zencontrol. You can even control your building-wide system from the same app, depending on set-up.

Lighting Control PlugPlay 705x260 - Lighting Control

Plug + Play

With  its innovative, modular construction (plug in detectors and control devices), it may be worth considering a cost effective Plug + Play system for your building. It can be simple to install and maintain.

Lighting Control Retrofit Solutions 495x260 - Lighting Control

Retrofit Solutions

New technology has seen a variety of retrofit solutions emerge that do not require the complex cabling requirements of older style lighting control systems.

Lighting Control Daylight Harvesting 495x260 - Lighting Control

Daylight Harvesting

With Daylight Harvesting your control system chooses natural daylight first, only “topping up” with artificial light when ambient light levels are insufficient.

Lighting Control Emergency Lighting 705x260 - Lighting Control

Emergency Lighting Control

As DALI becomes the solution of choice for modern lighting controls, it makes sense to incorporate the emergency lighting into the DALI system, allowing a complete and seamless monitored solution.

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Allendale Electrical asked Intelligent Environments Ltd (IEL) to design an easy DALI lighting control system for the new ADHB Integrated Stroke Unit, specified by Aurecon. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent lockdown, IEL had discussions with the client identifying key requirements ...