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The Intelligent Environments team work with you and your stakeholders to develop a fully integrated controls solution that may include lighting/emergency lighting, building monitoring systems, wellbeing technology, and more.  We can assist with the selection of appropriate technology and manage the design and installation process.  Our services range from full consultancy, design and implementation on major projects, to preventative maintenance of existing smart sites, or simply assisting with small initiatives that make your building work smarter.

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Lighting Control

Lighting control is considered essential for commercial buildings. Dependent on the building use (and design), warehouses, offices and retail stores, schools, hospitals, and hotels will all require different lighting control solutions.

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Building Integration

Building integration is when the numerous control technologies throughout a smart building are linked together to operate seamlessly as a single system.

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Our technology solutions provide ways to improve health and wellbeing within commercial buildings and supply metrics to measure building performance under the WELL standard.

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Cloud Controlled Systems

Cloud controlled systems allow access on-demand, providing total mobility to control your building systems from virtually anywhere. Significant cost savings can be achieved through remote and pre-emptive maintenance.

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Intelligent Home Packages

An Intelligent Home Package is installed by your electrical contractor and programmed remotely. It will allow the new residence to enjoy all the features of an intelligent home, including voice activation, but at a remarkably low price point. Every home can now be smart!

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Monitoring and Reporting

New technology allows for full monitoring of building systems, and the provision of automated reports in a format that is meaningful for facility managers.

Past Projects

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Battle Training Facility – DALI Lighting Controls

This was somewhat different from the standard DALI lighting controls project! We were invited by the electrical contractor to provide the controls element for this purpose built, four level training facility. The scope was to provide DALI lighting controls for this virtually ...