Our “technology for wellbeing” solutions provide ways to improve health and wellbeing within commercial buildings.

For example, smart sensors can be deployed throughout a building on the existing lighting control network and provide metrics to measure building performance under the WELL standard.

The WELL building standard is an evidence-based system for measuring and monitoring the elements of building performance that impact health and wellbeing.

human centric lighting control - Technology for Wellbeing

Human Centric Lighting Control

Human centric lighting is one example of technology for wellbeing that can optimise comfort levels for staff and customers using the building, enhance performance, and retain employees.

Cloud Based Analytics 700x260 - Technology for Wellbeing

Cloud-Based Analytics

Our cloud-based analytics interface provides monitoring, reporting and visualisation of your building’s performance. Measure, manage, and improve.

Smart Sensors 1 700x260 - Technology for Wellbeing

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors, wired or wireless, can be deployed through your lighting control network to measure carbon dioxide levels, volatile compounds, humidity and more.

Meeting WELL Building Requirements 1 700x260 - Technology for Wellbeing

Meeting WELL Building Requirements

We can assist a building meet its WELL requirements in several ways by measuring and reporting on air quality, sound, thermal & humidity levels, glare & brightness control, and the quality of artificial lighting.

Past Projects

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Kakariki Hospital - Technology for Wellbeing

Kakariki Hospital – Healthcare Lighting Control

Design of the healthcare lighting control system for this project is underway, with commissioning commencing once the build is further progressed and DALI-2 components installed. #DALI #lighting control