With the adoption of DALI-2 as the New Zealand standard for lighting control, electrical consultants are required to ensure they understand the implications of the new AU/NZ standards and then make the necessary updates to ensure future lighting control specifications are compliant. NZ consultant specifications based on proprietary lighting control systems are now redundant.

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We are considered experts on DALI systems in the New Zealand market. Additionally, we are well versed in DALI-2 systems and the changes/benefits the DALI-2 version brings to building technology. If you require further assistance, we run regular training sessions to share our expertise at our Knowledge Centre in our Auckland Office or may be able to attend your premises if you wish us to share with your staff.  Just give us a call to arrange.

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At the end of 2020 DALI-2 was adopted as the first, and at time of writing the only, AU/NZ lighting control standard. To be compliant, if a control system for lighting is to be installed, a DALI-2 system should be specified.

With zencontrol we can provide a way to improve health and wellbeing within a building with our integrated lighting control solutions that can report on occupancy, light level, colour, CO2, temperature, humidity, VOCs and pressure.

Adequate security is a MUST for connected systems. Many existing sites can be compromised too easily. zencontrol take security seriously with devices including enterprise-grade encryption, upgrade paths to allow security patches as required, 32byte encryption key, and more . . .

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