Upgrade Your Lighting System

In today’s dynamic commercial landscape, lighting isn’t just about brightness — it’s also about efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

To maximise the benefits of modern lighting, it is essential for any lighting upgrade to include a system to control the lights, to realise energy savings, to identify faults for easier maintenance and compliance, and to create dynamic, human-centric spaces, where your staff want to be!

Expand the benefits from your lighting upgrade by incorporating lighting control!

Energy Efficient LEDs 235x235 - Upgrade Your Lighting System
Energy Efficient LEDs

Upgrading to LEDs will achieve energy savings, but to fully meet your sustainability goals you will need controls to ensure lights are not left on in unoccupied areas or after hours.

Lighting Quality Intensity 235x235 - Upgrade Your Lighting System
Lighting Quality & Intensity

Not just tuneable colour, but tuneable white! Control light intensity and colour temperature for an optimal working environment. Define ‘the mood’ for different rooms or areas.

Comfort Wellbeing 235x235 - Upgrade Your Lighting System
Comfort & Wellbeing

Lighting can enhance performance, comfort, health and wellbeing. A circadian prescription will change colour and lighting intensity during the day or night to support wake/sleep cycles.

Longevity Maintenance 235x235 - Upgrade Your Lighting System
Longevity & Maintenance

Reducing light intensity and using sensors to turn off lighting in unoccupied areas increases the life of the LEDs. Faults are easily identified and reported on for ease of maintenance.

Integration Smart Capabilities 235x235 - Upgrade Your Lighting System
Integration & Smart Capabilities

For seamless control, integrate your lighting with all other building systems, such as HVAC, BMS, security, and audiovisual. View your building’s performance on user-friendly dashboards.

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Why A Lighting Upgrade?

  • Failures or deterioration in your current lighting system
  • Phasing out of fluorescent tubes
  • To meet energy saving and sustainability goals
  • Priority focus on staff wellbeing
  • For maintenance savings and easier compliance
When To Upgrade 600x260 - Upgrade Your Lighting System

When To Upgrade

  • Before existing light fittings become totally obsolete
  • A building extension or renovation is planned
  • New tenants are moving in
  • A corporate shift towards sustainability and conservation of resources
  • To make the building more desirable for potential tenants
Who Should Upgrade 600x260 - Upgrade Your Lighting System

Who Should Upgrade?

  • Commercial buildings can incorporate analytics to provide full visibility of building performance
  • Health and residential care facilities can benefit from a vast range of new technology
  • Education establishments can be fine-tuned to provide optimum environments for learning
  • Hospitality can create schedules and scenes to create the desired ambience in different areas
  • Emergency systems can be incorporated for safer testing and easier compliance
  • 24/7 operations can be programmed for circadian lighting to support healthy wake/sleep cycles
Upgrade Options 600x260 - Upgrade Your Lighting System

Upgrade Options

  • Standalone DALI applications provide simple dimming and/or occupancy control ‘out of the box’ lighting upgrade solutions
  • Low-cost “base-build” DALI lighting and emergency system for expansion to include tenancy fit-outs once the building is let
  • DALI-2 wired lighting solution that complies with all parts of the AS/NZS 62386 Lighting Control Standard
  • Wireless lighting control (DALI+) solution built on International Standard IEC62386 Part 104
  • A hybrid native DALI solution (wired and wireless) DALI certified and compliant
  • Available as an IoT control solution allowing for remote management and maintenance
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Benefits From Your Lighting Upgrade

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Savings on maintenance and compliance costs
  • Visual representation of your company’s commitment to sustainability
  • Wellbeing sensors can report back on eVOCs, eCO2, light level, light colour, occupancy, humidity, temperature, pressure and sound
  • Monitor, assess and adjust parameters to optimise the performance of your building from on-site, or via the cloud, from anywhere!
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Why Choose Us?

  • Free consultation
  • Full range of solutions from simple, standalone applications, to building-wide or multi-site systems
  • Customised to meet your needs (incorporating integration, sustainability, wellness, as required), with lifetime support
  • Service and maintenance plans from $50 per month
  • Extended warranty options available
  • Nationwide coverage with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
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