With the adoption of DALI-2 as the New Zealand standard for lighting control, end-users of a DALI system will appreciate the benefits that compliance with this new standard will produce. Of major impact is that it enables interoperability, avoiding locking the customer into a single manufacturer’s devices. This provides greater freedom of choice and ensures future-proofing of lighting control systems as DALI-2 certified devices from ANY manufacturer can be used to replace or upgrade the system at any time.

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At the end of 2020 DALI-2 was adopted as the first, and at time of writing the only, AU/NZ lighting control standard. To be compliant, if a control system for lighting is to be installed, a DALI-2 system should be specified.

Adequate security is a MUST for connected systems. Many existing sites can be compromised too easily. zencontrol take security seriously with devices including enterprise-grade encryption, upgrade paths to allow security patches as required, 32byte encryption key, and more . . .

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