Our Values

Our values represent the things that are important to us as a company, as a team, and as individuals.  They are the road map by which we operate.  They are therefore “being” words – what we live to be!

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Our Values are to:

Be Worthy Of Trust

Trust is the glue that holds us together.

We have trust in each other to follow through with individual responsibilities. We trust our team to “have our back”.

We own our mistakes, and take responsibility working together to deliver the best outcome for our customers, our company and for each other.

We trust our suppliers and only work with those we trust.

Our customers trust us to deliver the appropriate solution on time and on budget.

Be A Discoverer of Ideas + Adventurer of the New

We believe that life should be a joyful adventure.

As brave explorers of thought and communicators of ideas, our space is our own to shape and re-shape.

Innovation is in our DNA – our customers can rely on us to come up with the best and most robust solution – even if we need to create it from scratch!

As our desire is a life of adventure, not ‘easy street’ we climb ‘Mountain Unthinkable’ and swim ‘Lake Impossible’ to go those extra miles.

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Be A Team Player

We value our differences and encourage potential but believe we can be a team member and ‘one of a kind’ at the same time.

We embrace our own and each other’s individuality, and recognise the value of our ‘super powers’ when we combine as a team to create our reality of ‘owning awesome and winning smarter’.

There are no lonely Me’s or I’s. We are individually amazing and collectively astounding!

Be Authentic + Genuine

We believe in being honest and open.

Our communications are clear: “no” means no, and “yes” means yes, with no bluster, excuses, or nonsense.

We are bold busters of bias, take arms against assumption, and confidently challenge misconception.

We treat our customers as we do each other, with the service we would like but rarely encounter.

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Be Green + Growing

Our path is onwards and upwards. We are green and growing, relishing the nutrients from new learnings, and developing a strong skill base from which to grow.

In growing and developing ourselves and our team, we contribute to the growth of our company, our reputation in the marketplace, the satisfaction of our customers, and the success of the business.

We value growth as a journey. Genuine sharing of knowledge, allows our team to progress. In growing our skills and areas of expertise, we realise our vision: owning awesome, winning smarter.

Be Ambassadors of Happiness, Philosophers of Fun

We believe that life should be fun!

Work is better with the addition of smiles and laughter. We are prepared to work hard and master the mundane, but mixing in fun times, lots of humour, and a touch of mischief will guarantee our daily adventure is a happy one.

As we believe happiness is contagious, we will work tirelessly to infect our world with happy and awesome service every day.

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Be A Giver Of Time + A Doer Of Good

We believe that giving is good, and we can all give in different ways.

Every day we strive to make that positive difference (even a tiny one) to our team, to those in need of a helping hand, and to our wider community.

As human beings, we accept that from time to time we all need help. We know the value in the warmth of a welcome, the giving of a smile, of providing a listening ear, and a thoughtful reply.

We are explorers on our journey to be a ‘Business For Good,’ searching for ways to make positive contributions to our wider communities.

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Civic Car Park, Auckland

Intelligent Environments have in-depth experience in the design and programming of carpark lighting controls and were contracted by Broadspectrum to provide an upgrade path for the existing faulty lighting control system at Civic Car Park. The Civic Car Park is a multi-storey ...