zencontrol Room Controllers

The zencontrol room controller provides yet another paradigm shift for lighting control. It makes a generational leap in solving problems and issues typically found with competing products:

  • zc rcm w plugs landscape 470x273 - zencontrol Room ControllersDALI devices are addressed automatically. Additional fittings can be added at any time as they are automatically addressed and added to the system (DALI rules must still be followed);
  • The zencontrol room controller groups and sets up rooms automatically allowing lighting, switches and sensors to work as soon as connected. Switches and sensors can work in presence or absence modes with timeouts of 10/15/30 minutes without the need for additional commissioning. Throughout the life of the controller, additional or replacement products will also be addressed, grouped and set up automatically. This dramatically reduces downtime and expensive call-out fees to re-address DALI devices.
  • Issues commonly caused by duplicate DALI addresses, (caused when fittings are re-located or when pre-addressed devices or poorly designed products are used), are automatically fixed when using zencontrol room controllers. The original device retains its address, while the newly added device is moved to the next available location, greatly reducing time spent fault finding.

Other benefits:

  • For fixed loads, any channel on the zencontrol room controller can be toggled to act as a fully compliant DALI relay. This relay can then be utilised to control other non-DALI loads allowing seamless integration for control purposes. Additionally, the zencontrol room controller will detect non-DALI loads and automatically set them up associating the control to the previous channel.
  • Wiring is much simpler compared to traditional LCM wiring, making installation easier for the luminaire manufacturer and the installer. For each room, the light fittings, sensors, switches ane emergency lighting is simply connected back into a single channel on the zencontrol room controller.

Read how zencontrol room controllers were used at the New Zealand Maritime Museum and at the Integrated Stroke Unit at Auckland Hospital (for which we received Highly Commended in the DALI Lighting Awards January 2021).