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The Genesis of a Partnership

Picture this: the bustling Intelligent Environments office in Auckland, where IEL engineers meet with lighting designers and electrical consultants who are seeking to propose a lighting control solution that transcends the ordinary, elevating user experience and meeting clients’ energy efficiency goals.

Enter zencontrol, with its cutting-edge features yet unwavering commitment to keeping things simple.

Why zencontrol?

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DALI-2 Compliance

We know that legacy systems fall short. We needed a solution that met ALL requirements of the AU/NZ lighting control standard. zencontrol delivers precisely that. Fully DALI-2 compliant, it provides the flexibility we demand.

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Seamless Integration

No more handcuffs to a single manufacturer! With zencontrol’s open DALI protocol, Intelligent Environments can dance freely across the lighting landscape. The system seamlessly integrates with other DALI-certified products, regardless of the manufacturer.

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Smart Software, Smart Decisions

zencontrol’s software simplifies design and commissioning. But here’s the magic: once installed, advanced algorithms analyse the site, identifying issues before they become headaches. Fault-finding time? Dramatically reduced!

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Beyond Lighting

zencontrol, an Australian company with local support from zencontrol (NZ) Ltd, leads in innovative building tech. Their solutions include environmental sensors and cloud-based analytics for real-time insights, ensuring easy compliance with monitored emergency lighting.

The Advent of DALI-2 and zencontrol Cloud

zencontrol x dali2 - Our Partnership with zencontrol

Intelligent Environments swiftly adopted DALI for its groundbreaking individual control capabilities, revolutionising lighting systems.

As common with any emerging technology, early DALI systems had their challenges, but with the advent of DALI-2 and independent testing, compliance issues were resolved, ensuring seamless integration across products, and releasing end-clients from the “handcuffs” of proprietary systems that tied them to a single manufacturer.

zencontrol’s cloud-based programming further streamlines maintenance, enabling remote programming and automated testing, and reducing the necessity of site visits.

Our successful projects, like the Auckland Hospital Stroke Unit, delivered under Covid lockdown conditions underscore the benefits of remote programming of controls equipment, earning recognition in the international DALI Lighting Awards.

Modern lighting control, wireless and wired, fully compliant with AS/NZS 62386 and certified

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Wired & Wireless Smart Switches

Switches designed for standalone operation or integration with smart devices and control systems

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Smart Sensors, Wellness, Thermal, CO2 & V02

The choice is yours, with practically unlimited control, our sensors can be configured to perform almost any task

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Wired & Wireless Application Controllers

zencontrol DALI-2 and wireless application controllers provide seamless building integration

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Standalone Mode with Wired & Wireless

Powerful lighting control that works out of the box or setup directly from your phone

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Cloud, Plan View, Analytics & Power Monitoring

The zencontrol Cloud brings an unprecedented level of functionality and control to your building

A Brighter Future

Intelligent Environments chose zencontrol because it wasn’t just about wires and switches. It was about creating environments that whispered to occupants, “We’ve got you covered.” And in the glow of that success, we know that together we’ve illuminated more than spaces — we’ve ignited possibilities.

So next time you step into an ‘intelligent environment’, remember behind those luminous panels, there’s a story of collaboration, innovation, and a little touch of zencontrol magic.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 17 years of lighting control experience
  • Free consultation
  • Full range of solutions from simple, standalone applications, to building-wide or multi-site systems
  • Customised to meet your needs (incorporating integration, sustainability, wellness, as required), with lifetime support
  • Service and maintenance plans from $50 per month
  • Extended warranty options available
  • Nationwide coverage with offices in Auckland, Northland, Wellington and Christchurch

Past Projects

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Waikato Watercare 600x450 - Our Partnership with zencontrol

Waikato Watercare – Automated Lighting Control

This new processing plant for Watercare in the Waikato required external lighting controlled in different zones. A zencontrol DALI-2 system was installed with after-hours control via IP-rated sensors, but with switches located in various locations around the plant to allow for manual override of the system when necessary. Plan View provides clear visual display of the system for facility management.