With the adoption of DALI-2 as the New Zealand standard for lighting control, electricians will need to update their knowledge and undertake training on the new DALI-2 standards. With lighting control now standardised, it is important that electrical contractors have the knowledge to quote on NZ standard-compliant systems, be aware of design limitations, and have the know-how to wire and deliver these solutions.

Please find below links to appropriate resources on DALI-2 for electrical contractors to download or view. Just click on heading to view available resources. Click on image to download.

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We are considered experts on DALI systems in the New Zealand market. Additionally, we are well versed in DALI-2 systems and the changes/benefits the DALI-2 version brings to building technology. If you require further assistance, we run regular training sessions to share our expertise at our Knowledge Centre in our Auckland Office or we may be able to attend your premises if you have a large group of staff you wish to train.  Just give us a call to arrange.

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