Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings – Understanding How Space In Your Building is Utilised

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The ability to see clearly how space is utilised has been a sought-after feature for intelligent buildings for many years. Although this facility has been available, it’s usually come with a high price tag and is rarely user-friendly.

What is the use of expensive features, which no one your business can either understand or run reports upon?

The emergence of DALI-2 for lighting control technology has had huge impact in the area of smart buildings. The real game-changer has been the adoption of intelligent input devices that can report back not only on lighting variables such as occupancy, daylight, and colour, but also on environmental data such as eCO2, eVOCs, temperature, humidity, pressure, sound, and more.

The zencontrol software solution that we propose allows information on space utilisation, the creation of heat maps illustrating actual energy consumed, and visualisations of environmental data (as above) on an easy-to-read dashboard.

The user-friendly dashboards, as well as allowing the facility manager to see where energy is being used, with advanced diagnostics, can also assist appropriate decisions to be made around service and maintenance to extend the operating life of luminaires.

Developments in tracking now enable facility managers/building owners to visualise the movement of assets as well as individuals within a space. Focus on how a building is currently used can provide valuable information to pinpoint potential changes to increase the productivity and efficiency of different areas.

In the same way a modern car provides diagnostics for your service technician to ensure proper maintenance and identification of any problems affecting performance, an intelligent control system can highlight potential issues that may affect the most productive utilisation of your building’s spaces.

A zencontrol DALI-2 solution, employed to its full functionality can provide the comprehensive visibility across intelligent buildings that was previously only possible via the implementation of much higher-priced technology. In addition, the information the zencontrol DALI-2 solution provides can be displayed on easy-to-read dashboards so the data provided can be used productively to enhance the performance of your building.

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