Plug + Play

Just simpler!

– Simpler wiring

– Simpler install

– Simpler programming

– Simpler maintenance

Zen Room Controller 800x265 - Plug and Play
PlugPlay System 750 - Plug and Play

Why Consider Plug + Play?

With a plug and play system room control units can be pre-wired, pre-terminated and pre-tested prior to ceiling grids being installed.

Loads can be plugged into room control units by anyone – no electrical qualification necessary.

Programming can be completed prior to loads being connected (dependent on functionality required).

Dependent on set up, drivers do not need to be re-programmed in the event of a failure. Reducing maintenance requirements.

DALI Emergency Monitoring can be achieved via this system.

Interfacing With Other Systems

The plug and play system can interface with other elements such as Audio Visual and BMS.

Corridor linking and room joining can be easily accommodated.

Standalone Control

Any DALI enabled light fitting or group of fittings can be controlled as a simple, standalone system, without the need for programming, just a few plug + play sensors and/or switches depended on requirements.

Automatic control of DALI lighting ‘out of the box’.

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DALI out of the box - Plug and Play

Past Projects

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Google - Plug and Play

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