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Upgrading lighting and installing advanced lighting controls can significantly reduce energy consumption, and also improve the environment for those using the space.

Typically it was hard to install an advanced control system unless a major refurbishment was planned. We are now confident however, to promote a new wireless system, that can be utilised when cabling infrastructure cannot be changed.

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Structured Cabling

Lighting control systems rely on the sending and receiving of data (to turn lights on/off/dim up and dim down). As with all data networks, structured cabling will generally provide the most robust means of delivering data around a building.

If you are planning a renovation, and you have the opportunity to re-wire, our recommendation would be to talk to us first to ensure you allow for the necessary cabling for the installation of a lighting control system.

What if running additional cables is not possible?

When running control cables is not an option, it is still possible to upgrade to a fully featured lighting control system. In this situation we will often recommend a system that uses the latest wireless technology.

Wireless Lighting Control

When running control wires is not an easy option, a wireless lighting control system may be the best solution.

Installation of a wireless system is simple and requires minimal disruption.

It is an ideal solution for historic or listed buildings where disturbing the building fabric could be difficult or even impossible.

Functionality is achieved by programming not hard wiring, creating a system that is hugely flexible, and easy to change to meet future needs.

Expansion of the system is also simple as extra devices require no additional control wiring. They are simply installed and programmed into the system.

It is also possible to use a wireless system as an expansion to an existing wired lighting control system.

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