Wireless Controls

With wireless controls, cabling and expensive switchboard upgrades are unnecessary.

Any building can become a smart building offering fully comprehensive building analytics for ease of compliance and on-going maintenance.

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Wireless Controls - No Complications or Mess!

Intelligent Environments recommend the new zencontrols® wireless system.

Features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Uses the only IEC standard for wireless lighting control (IEC62386-104)
  • Employs full bandwidth with no compromises
  • Manufactured by Australian company with comprehensive local support
  • Built on the secure Thread® mesh network.
  • Allows for interoperability with devices from other manufacturers
  • Has the same features, capability and reporting as commonly found on traditional wired DALI networks

Any Building Can Now Be Smart!

Our company branding incorporates the tagline: “creating smarter buildings.”

Intelligent Environments have vast experience in the design and implementation of lighting control systems for new buildings but have always found it hard to propose an upgrade path for an existing building.

Becoming “smart” usually involves a massive and very expensive re-build. ROI is often very long and has been hard for building owners to justify even while wanting the increases in rental income that a smart building can achieve.

We have spent a decade exploring possibilities offered by various wireless systems that offered reduced costs in cabling and implementation (although these were often outweighed by the higher cost of the controls equipment).

It is only now, with the new wireless components offered by zencontrols, that we can genuinely propose a cost-effective and robust upgrade path to allow any existing building to be brought up to the standard expected by today’s tenants.

Additionally, the wireless option offers the same functionality offered by the zencontrols wired system, providing access to the comprehensive building analytics required by facility managers for ease of compliance, and on-going maintenance.

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Past Projects

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Waikato Watercare 600x450 - Wireless Controls

Waikato Watercare – Automated Lighting Control

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Automated Lighting Control for Waikato Watercare The request was to provide automated lighting control for the external lighting at the new Watercare plant in the Waikato. External lighting was to be controlled in "zones" and operated by occupancy sensing after hours. The ...