DALI Broadcast

When control of a room or specific area is needed, but no grouping of lights is required, then a very simple system can provide the required control.  Various options of DALI broadcast controllers can control from 1 to 100 drivers on a single DALI line/universe. This allows ‘group’ control via a rotary switch, push button, scene control, or similar.

DALI Broadcast 800x260 - DALI Broadcast
Lighting Control DALI Broadcast 495x260 - DALI Broadcast

No Commissioning Required - DALI Broadcast

With DALI Broadcast, as no individual addressing is possible, no on-site commissioning is needed. Additionally if a driver needs replacing at a later date, again, no programming/commissioning will be necessary. It is a straight forward hardware replacement.

Simple DALI Solution

Controlling DALI light fittings through DALI broadcast provides a very simple yet basic level of control.  Such a solution could be compared to 1-10v or DSI controls, which have more recently been superseded by DALI systems. More info on DALI groups and scenes.

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