Graphical User Interface

Sports Lighting Control Solution

  • Sector: Sporting Facilities
  • System: zencontrol
  • Status: In Progress
Sports lighting DALI upgrade
  • End Client: Auckland Netball
  • Controls Specialist: Sanjiv Gounder
The Auckland Netball Centre is located in St Johns and is considered the home of netball in Auckland. Every year it serves thousands of netballers and spectators for practice sessions and tournament games. It also provides multipurpose sporting and recreation...


Lighting Control for Aged Care Facilities – Summerset St Johns

  • Sector: Healthcare | Aged Care
  • Solution: zencontrol DALI-2 system
  • Status: In Progress
lighting control for aged care
  • End Client: Summerset Group Holdings Ltd
  • Engineer: Norman Disney Young
  • Electrical Contractor: Strike Electrical (Building A) |Caldwell & Levesque (Buildings D, E + basement)
  • Controls Specialist(s): Manu Bhagwanji

We consider the ability to monitor and maintain the control system remotely, with no requirement to attend site to be a significant benefit for buildings with vulnerable residents or patients. This has become particularly important in recent years with the threat of Covid-19 being introduced by visitors/tradespeople being of considerable concern.


DALI-2 Lighting Management for Commercial Office Development

  • Sector: Commercial Offices
  • Solution: zencontrol DALI-2 system
  • Status: In Progress
DALI-2 Lighting Management
  • End Client: Asset Plus Investments
  • Builder: Icon
  • Architect: Ignite
  • Engineer: Beca (Basebuild | Agile (Fitout Council Hub)
  • Electrical Contractor: Bishman
  • Controls Specialist(s): Manu Bhagwanji

6-8 Munroe Lane, Albany is a brand new 26,500m2 (GFA) commercial office development consisting of 1.5 levels of basement and 6 levels of A-grade commercial office space.


Animal-Centric Lighting at Auckland Zoo

  • Sector: Zoo (Other)
  • System: zencontrol DALI-2
  • Status: Complete
animal centric lighting
  • End Client: Auckland Zoo
  • Builder: NZ Strong
  • Engineer: Jacobs
  • Electrical Contractor: Caldwell & Levesque
  • Control Specialist(s): Sanjiv Gounder | Bel Arevalo

This large transparent climate-controlled tropical dome at Auckland Zoo is home to Sunda Gharial Crocodiles, Turtles, Tortoises and a variety of fish species. The lighting control is a critical element for the maintenance of the habitat, simulating a daylight cycle suited to the animals housed in the enclosure.


Waikato Watercare – Automated Lighting Control

  • Sector: Local Government | Industrial | Utility
  • Solution: zencontrol DALI-2 System
  • Status: Complete
automated lighting control
  • End Client: Watercare | Waikato District Council
  • Builder: Fulton Hogan
  • Consultant: Beca
  • Controls Specialist: Manu Bhagwanji

This new processing plant for Watercare in the Waikato required external lighting controlled in different zones. A zencontrol DALI-2 system was installed with after-hours control via IP-rated sensors, but with switches located in various locations around the plant to allow for manual override of the system when necessary. Plan View provides clear visual display of the system for facility management.


Google Office – Lighting Automation Technology

  • Sector: Offices
  • Solution: zencontrol DALI-2
  • Status: Complete
lighting automation technology for Google head office
  • Electrical Contractor: Allendale Electrical
  • Controls Specialist: Bel Arevalo
Google Fitout Our team were excited to be asked to design and program the lighting automation for tech giant, Google's new (and first) headquarters in Auckland. Situated on Level 6 of the 10 Madden Street building, in Wynyard Quarter's Innovation...


The International – Smart Building Technology

A Long Life In a previous life, with a reputation as one of Auckland’s grandest hotels, “The Grand” was a three-storey building, accommodating wealthier visitors to the city from 1889 until 1966. Guests included Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of…