Lighting Control for Aged Care Facilities – Summerset St Johns

  • Sector: Healthcare | Aged Care
  • Solution: zencontrol DALI-2 system
  • Status: In Progress
  • End Client: Summerset Group Holdings Ltd
  • Engineer: Norman Disney Young
  • Electrical Contractor: Strike Electrical (Building A) |Caldwell & Levesque (Buildings D, E + basement)
  • Controls Specialist(s): Manu Bhagwanji

Lighting Control for Aged Care Facility

Lighting control for aged care and independent/assisted living facilities is a relatively specialist area. Intelligent Environments are considered experts in this field having provided systems to a large number of retirement villages and healthcare facilities. Over the years building technology has advanced considerably and the systems we now propose for new buildings or to upgrade older sites, are very different.

We consider the ability to monitor and maintain the control system remotely, with no requirement to attend site is a significant benefit for buildings with vulnerable residents or patients. This has become particularly important in recent years with the threat of Covid-19 introduced by visitors/tradespeople being of considerable concern.

Summerset St John has specific requirements for the lighting control for their aged care facility at their new retirement village in St Johns, Meadowbank. Those particular needs are easily met by the zencontrol DALI-2 system.

The 2.5-ha site has views of Auckland City and Rangitoto Island which will be enjoyed by residents on the higher levels. The village when completed will offer a full range of care from independent living to rest home and hospital care. It will also have a purpose-built dementia centre. A total of 400 residents will call Summerset St Johns their home.

Currently, the IEL team is working on the design of specific lighting control for aged care requirements with the implementation of building D, building E, and the basement.

More details to follow on the functionality of the lighting controls upon completion of the project.