Intelligent Lighting System for New Distribution Centre

  • Sector: Warehouses | Offices | Industrial
  • Solution: zencontrol DALI-2 system
  • Status: In Progress
  • End Client: NZ Post
  • Builder: Federal Construction
  • Architect: Williams
  • Engineer: Electrical Consulting Services (ECS)
  • Electrical Contractor: Callander Electrics
  • Controls Specialist(s): Manu Bhagwanji

Intelligent Lighting System for New Distribution Centre

Intelligent Environments have been contracted to design and commission the intelligent lighting system for NZ Post’s new distribution centre at Mt Roskill. This will be a zencontrol lighting control solution. This is a system that can be further utilised to manage the energy efficiencies of a building, and provide comprehensive analytics to control the property more effectively.

The Roma Road site is being redeveloped to assist with meeting the demand for strategically located distribution space across the city. The growth of online purchasing is resulting in requirements for well-located and operationally efficient distribution facilities.

The development will include four separate warehouses, providing over 42,000 sqm of high-quality warehousing and distribution space.

The Roma Road Estate will target a Green Star rating of at least five stars. The new buildings will feature the latest design innovations, including sustainable building materials and new energy efficient technologies.

NZ Post is the first of these buildings to be constructed, with a new 17,700m2 design-build property solution.

Delivering over 85 million parcels last year,  NZ Post’s expectations are that these volumes will continue to grow. The company is focussed on creating a more automated network, (including the Roma Road site) that will accommodate the rapid growth in parcel volumes.

More details to follow on the functionality of the intelligent lighting system on completion of the project.