AU/NZ Lighting Control Standard

BuildNZ + Facilities Integrate

BuildNZ | National Safety Show | Facilities Integrate

Three shows all under one roof! BuildNZ and Facilities Integrate is the leading trade event for the Building, Construction, Design, Facility Management and Architectural Industries. It brings together industry professionals and innovators to share ideas, showcase the latest products, and...

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Is sustainable emergency lighting possible?

Sustainable Emergency Lighting

"Sustainable Emergency Lighting" - A great title, but is there such a thing? Can emergency lighting really be sustainable? In this blog we argue that although emergency lighting is typically considered a "Life Safety System" and therefore excluded from green...

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energy efficiency via zencontrol

A Guide to Energy Efficiency: DALI + zencontrol

"Energy Efficiency" and "Sustainability" are buzzwords, discussed from the Boardroom, to facility managers and workers alike, all seeking to enhance the feel-good factor in the workplace. In the modern era of environmental consciousness and corporate responsibility, commercial and industrial facilities...

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Intelligent Lighting solutions

Bringing Intelligence to Light

In this blog we provide a deep dive into intelligent lighting solutions and the technologies behind these systems (including a brief history of lighting control, the lighting control standards for New Zealand, an introduction to DALI, wired and wireless, IoT...

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wireless standard 235x235 - DALI+ Wireless Lighting Management

DALI+ Wireless Lighting Management

zencontrol offers a wireless lighting management (DALI+) solution built on International Standard IEC62386 Part 104 which is ‘Wireless DALI over Thread’. The DALI standards were adopted in their entirety as the Australian/New Zealand standard for lighting control (AS/NZS 62386). A...

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