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controlling LED lights

Controlling LED Lights

There are a variety of ways of controlling LED lights: trailing edge or leading edge, DALI, 1-10V, etc. There are also a huge number of LED lights and LED drivers in our New Zealand marketplace…. read more

commercial lighting control

Commercial Lighting Control

Commercial lighting control is a term used to describe the various ways of controlling lights in commercial buildings of all kinds: from warehouses, offices and retail stores to schools, hospitals, hotels and more. The best… read more

LED Lighting Control

LED Lighting Control

LED Lighting Control Made Easy Introducing the GEFL-PB, a flush mounted PIR movement sensor with push button functionality. We get many queries regarding an easy LED lighting control system. You won’t find anything easier than… read more

commercial lighting control

Lighting Controls

“Lighting controls” is a term that is used to describe a variety of different things, from a simple dimmer switch that can brighten or dim a single light fitting, to a fully integrated lighting control… read more

Direct Dimming - Energy Saving Controls - New Zealand

Direct Dimming

CP Electronics DD (direct dimming) sensors provide daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and manual dimming straight from the sensor! The installation of a DD 230V sensor, and a couple of press mechs, will allow control of… read more

C-Bus lighting control system New Zealand

C-Bus Lighting Control System

C-Bus cannot really be considered a ‘latest trend’ as it has a long and proven history as a prominent player in the fields of commercial lighting controls and home automation. It does however provide a… read more

Wireless Lighting Controls NZ, Intelligent Environments

Wireless Technology De-Mystified!

Traditionally a networked lighting control system has been achieved via a two wire data cable that links devices and enables them to exchange communications. ‘Wireless lighting controls‘ basically means the system communicates via radio frequency and does… read more

school lighting systems

Lighting Control in the Education Sector

School Lighting Systems For education establishments such as universities and schools lighting control has a different primary purpose. Given the difficulties of juggling rising costs against current educational budgets, saving energy (and therefore reducing power… read more