Intelligent Environments

Intelligent Lighting solutions

Bringing Intelligence to Light

In this blog we provide a deep dive into intelligent lighting solutions and the technologies behind these systems (including a brief history of lighting control, the lighting control standards for New Zealand, an introduction to DALI, wired and wireless, IoT...

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lighting system control

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Lighting System

WHY DO WE NEED A BUILDING TECHNOLOGY PARTNER? Intelligent Environments Ltd promotes itself as your building technology partner. You may well wonder, "Why do I need a partner?" This post seeks to explain not only why an ongoing partnership with...

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wireless standard 235x235 - DALI+ Wireless Lighting Management

DALI+ Wireless Lighting Management

Zencontrol offers a wireless lighting management (DALI+) solution built on International Standard IEC62386 Part 104 which is ‘Wireless DALI over Thread’. The DALI standards were adopted in their entirety as the Australian/New Zealand standard for lighting control (AS/NZS 62386). A...

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