Revolutionising Service for Lighting Control

Welcome to the future of lighting control!

In the realm of control technology, the zencontrol DALI-2 system (wired and wireless) stands as a beacon of innovation and has transformed the way our company, Intelligent Environments, approaches service for lighting control systems.

Brace yourself for a mind-blowing experience as we unravel the incredible advancements that make traditional troubleshooting and replacement methods a thing of the past.

We can truly and easily support our lighting control systems for life! 

Customer Service - Revolutionising Service for Lighting Control

🌐 Instant Diagnostics and Online Identification:

Picture this: Your lighting system experiences a glitch.

In the past, this would have triggered a time-consuming process of on-site inspection by both the electrician and controls specialist to attempt to locate which of the many devices (lights, drivers, switches, etc) may have failed.

Enter the zencontrol DALI-2 system, where any malfunction is immediately identified online. The system provides real-time diagnostics, allowing for pinpoint accuracy in identifying any faulty component without leaving your desk.

🚀 Off-the-Shelf Replacement with Seamless Integration:

Once the issue is identified, there’s no need for bespoke troubleshooting or lengthy on-site visits. Intelligent Environments provide an ‘off the shelf’ replacement solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing system. No more waiting for specialised components from overseas, or enduring extended downtime before on-site visits can be scheduled – a replacement can be swapped in at a moment’s notice.

🛠️ Effortless Reprogramming by Electricians:

Historically, replacing a faulty component involved on-site programming by a controls specialist after installation. zencontrol DALI-2 disrupts this norm by empowering your maintenance electrician to perform the reprogramming effortlessly during the reconnection process. This simplicity not only streamlines the replacement procedure but also significantly reduces labour costs as there is no requirement for a controls specialist to attend site.

🌐 Remote Assistance for Unparalleled Support:

Should any additional assistance be required, Intelligent Environments doesn’t just stop at efficient replacements. Remote support is a reality, allowing our team of control specialists to troubleshoot and guide the process from a distance.

The future to service for lighting control is now – and it’s incredibly responsive.

💰 Cost and Time Savings Beyond Imagination:

zencontrol DALI-2 isn’t just a technologically advanced lighting system; it’s a game-changer when it comes to lifetime support.  Experience massive cost savings, particularly in labour, as the need for prolonged on-site interventions becomes obsolete. Time is money, and with zencontrol and Intelligent Environments, you’re saving both.

In a world where technology meets service seamlessly, at Intelligent Environments we stand tall, offering an unparalleled user experience that is both efficient and cost-effective. We also offer service and maintenance plans for as little as $50 per month to support your building for life, with extended warranties to match!  Reach out, and we’re happy to discuss your service needs.

Welcome to the era where service is not just provided – it’s redefined.

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