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Smart Home Package Deal Apartment 235x235 - Launching Our Smart Home Package Deals

Launching Our Smart Home Package Deals

We are excited to advise the launch of our new Smart Home Package deals – providing smarts for the “AVERAGE” New Zealand home. At Intelligent Environments, our business is the design and commissioning of building technology. For commercial buildings, it’s all…

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zencontrol room controller

zencontrol Room Controllers

The zencontrol room controller provides yet another paradigm shift for lighting control. It makes a generational leap in solving problems and issues typically found with competing products: DALI devices are addressed automatically. Additional fittings can be added at any time…

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What is DALI+ ?

DALI+ Launched by DALI Alliance The DALI Alliance has launched DALI+, a totally new brand that denotes DALI over wireless and IP-based networks. DALI+ devices communicate using existing DALI commands, but these are carried over a wireless and/or IP-based medium rather…

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IoT Lighting Control Wireless DALI

IoT Lighting Control

DALI’s Contribution to IoT Lighting Control In an IoT world, DALI has a lot to offer. The connectivity requirements of IoT-based lighting control applications are constantly evolving but the advantages DALI as a lighting control system brings to the table…

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dali lighting awards

Our Proudest Moment

DALI Lighting Awards Earlier this year, we learned that our Auckland District Health Board project: the Adult Rehabilitation Integrated Stroke Unit (ARISU), Taio Ora, had received an award in this prestigious international arena. This was a fabulous result for our...

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