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BYOD Bring Your Own Device

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

What is ‘BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)’? BYOD (bring your own device) is part of a growing trend, sometimes referred to as ‘BYOT’ (Bring Your Own Technology), which may include numerous devices such as phones,… read more

Acendo Core

Acendo – Meeting Room Technology Made Simple

Solutions: from Huddle Spaces to Large Format Meeting Rooms Intelligent Environments recommend the Acendo collaboration system, including Presentations Skype for Business Local content management Bring your own devices (BYOD) Room Booking Management ACENDO CORE: OVERVIEW… read more

Collaboration technology solution


The meaning of ‘Collaboration’ Historically collaboration has two very distinct meanings: The act of working with someone in order to produce something e.g. “the movie script was a collaboration between two writers”; Traitorous co-operation with an… read more

Huddle Space or Huddle Room

Huddle Space – What’s It All About?

What is a Huddle Space? Any conversation around collaboration technology must surely include a discussion around what constitutes a huddle space. The surge of millennials entering the workforce has forced many businesses to re-look at… read more

DALI lighting control NZ

DALI Rules

OK – so the job you’ve just been given has DALI lighting in it – what do you need to know? There are a great many long and complex articles that can be read to… read more

Diginet DALI phase dimmer NZ

Dimming Traditional Lights via DALI

How do I control this traditional light fitting via DALI? A persistent headache in this industry has been how to control a traditional dimmed luminaire via a DALI system? The Diginet DALI Adaptive Phase Angle Dimming… read more

DALI switching

Smart DALI Switching

DALI Switching – Simple projects with less than 64 DALI drivers can still be smart! Switches are wired via a Cat5 connection to a local e-hub (cat5 patch leads are included for this purpose). The… read more

automated home systems Auckland

Automated Home Systems

It seems that everyone is talking about their “automated home” right now. What does it mean however to have an automated home system . . . and what is the difference? Virtually everyone these days… read more