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Smart Building Integration Systems

Smart Building – Expectation vs Reality

The term ‘smart building’ is commonly used to describe a structure where system processes have been integrated in order to self-regulate the building’s environment and operations i.e. ‘an intelligent environment’ – responding (seemingly intuitively) to the needs of those using…

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Man's connection to nature

Biophilic Design – What the heck is it?

“Biophilic Design” – Just another buzzword or phrase joining terms such as “circadian rhythm”, “holistic design”, “purified air”, “acoustical comfort”, and more? If you’d come across the word “biophilia” a few years ago, you may well have considered it dodgy!…

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BYOD Bring Your Own Device

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

What is ‘BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)’? BYOD (bring your own device) is part of a growing trend, sometimes referred to as ‘BYOT’ (Bring Your Own Technology), which may include numerous devices such as phones, laptops, PCs, iPads or notepads,…

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Acendo Core

Acendo – Meeting Room Technology Made Simple

Solutions: from Huddle Spaces to Large Format Meeting Rooms Intelligent Environments recommend the Acendo collaboration system, including Presentations Skype for Business Local content management Bring your own devices (BYOD) Room Booking Management ACENDO CORE: OVERVIEWDelivering a flawless start to any…

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Collaboration technology solution


The meaning of ‘Collaboration’ Historically collaboration has two very distinct meanings: The act of working with someone in order to produce something e.g. “the movie script was a collaboration between two writers”; Traitorous co-operation with an enemy, e.g. “the prisoner faces…

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