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Standalone Lighting Control Switches

Standalone Lighting Control

Controlling lighting does not have to be overly complicated. When simple standalone lighting control is required we can supply DALI-2 switches and sensors that allow automatic control of DALI lighting out of the box. No controllers are required, and no…

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Combine With Smart Sensors

Air Quality Sensors

During lockdown we observed the pleasant side effect of fewer vehicles on the roads, fewer fossil fuels being burned, and therefore lower levels of carbon emissions generally. People out walking commented on the breathing of “cleaner, fresher air” and their…

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wireless building control

Wireless Building Control

Wireless Building Control  “Wireless” technology has been mainstream for some time. We are accustomed to working from mobile devices that we only “plugin” when we need to re-charge the batteries. Many of us work 24/7 on an internet connection that is provided wirelessly….

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DALI smart home kit


DALI stands for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface”. The information below provides an introduction to DALI, some information on the DALI protocol, and finally the more recent updated version – known as DALI-2. Introducing DALI Originally DALI was developed to replace…

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Daylight Harvesting - Lighting Control

Creating A Strategy to Achieve A Smarter Building

  So, you or your organisation have decided that it’s time to bring some building technologies into the workplace? Perhaps you’ve been ‘volunteered’ to undertake the research and find out what it will ‘cost’ to make your premises more intelligent?…

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emergency lighting compliance testing

What Keeps Property Managers Awake At Night?

There are challenges to every management role, and it is not unusual for all managers to have times of sleeplessness when issues at work are heavy on the mind and keep sleep at bay! For property managers, however, ensuring emergency…

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