A Guide to Energy Efficiency: DALI + zencontrol

“Energy Efficiency” and “Sustainability” are buzzwords, discussed from the Boardroom, to facility managers and workers alike, all seeking to enhance the feel-good factor in the workplace.
In the modern era of environmental consciousness and corporate responsibility, commercial and industrial facilities are increasingly turning to smart lighting solutions to reduce their energy footprint and illustrate to their staff and customers their commitment to greener principles. 
zencontrol, with its advanced capabilities for controlling DALI lights, stands at the forefront of this movement.
In this post, we look at how zencontrol, with both DALI-2 (wired) and DALI+ (wireless) formats, is revolutionising energy efficiency and sustainability.


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Smart Sensors

  1. Occupancy Sensing: zencontrol systems employ sophisticated sensors that detect the presence or absence of people in a space. This allows the lighting to be automatically dimmed or turned off when areas are unoccupied, preventing energy wastage.
  2. Constant Light Control:  zencontrol sensors measure the amount of natural light in a room and the control system then adjusts the DALI lights accordingly to keep the lighting within pre-set parameters. This feature, known as daylight harvesting, ensures that artificial lighting is only used when necessary, leading to improved energy efficiency and keeping light at a more constant level for user comfort.
  3. Additional Sensor Functionality:  smart sensors can be configured to report on a vast range of environmental factors. As well as occupancy and light levels as described above, zencontrol sensors can measure and give system feedback on light colour and intensity, air quality, humidity, pressure, sound, and more.

Individual and Group Control

DALI provides the ability for each light to be given an individual address. This means that lights can literally be controlled individually, no matter how they’ve been wired, to provide the right amount of light where and when it’s needed. The zencontrol system allows for personalized settings to cater to the specific needs of occupants while optimizing energy efficiency.


Lighting can be scheduled to perform in certain ways based on typical usage patterns, but with the ability to revert to an occupancy response outside of standard schedules.

Lights can be programmed to switch on and off or change intensity at certain times of the day, aligning with peak and off-peak hours, further enhancing energy efficiency.

With tunable white and colour-changing, scenes can be scheduled to allow for a circadian rhythm response and provide a system that is also human-centric.

No matter how complex the task, it can be handled by the zencontrol system.


The zencontrol system provides detailed analytics on energy consumption, enabling facility managers to make data-driven decisions. By analyzing trends and identifying areas of high usage, adjustments can be made to improve overall energy efficiency.


Whether it’s a single room, an entire building, or multiple sites, zencontrol’s scalable system can manage a few lights to several thousand, ensuring that energy savings are maximized across the board.

Control Remotely

With the zencontrol cloud, zencontrol systems can be managed remotely, allowing for real-time adjustments to lighting based on current needs, which can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Utilising the zencontrol cloud, systems can also receive OTA (over-the-air) updates, ensuring that they are always running the latest, most energy-efficient software without the need for manual intervention.

Ease of Maintenance

The system’s ability to monitor the health of each and every DALI light and device means that maintenance can be proactive rather than reactive. This ensures that all lights are operating at maximum efficiency, contributing to energy savings.

zencontrol can be integrated with HVAC and other building management systems, creating a cohesive, energy-efficient ecosystem within the facility.


By leveraging these features, zencontrol systems not only contribute to significant energy savings but also promote a sustainable approach to lighting in commercial and industrial settings.

As businesses continue to seek out eco-friendly solutions, zencontrol’s combination of innovation and efficiency makes it an invaluable ally in the fight against climate change.

If you’d like to talk through any of the points covered, or have any questions, we are always happy to advise. Please give us a call.