Standalone DALI – Simple DALI Solutions

Standalone DALI – Simple DALI Solutions – No System – No Programming!

It is likely you already know the benefits of  using DALI lighting:

    • Flicker-free and more precise dimming control;
    • Smooth and logarithmic dimming (matching the human eye);
    • Wide dimming range (typically down to 1%).

When only one room or area is to be upgraded to DALI lighting however, the cost of a DALI control system is often hard to justify.

Our standalone DALI applications are the ideal solution in this type of situation. Installed by the electrician, and providing dimming and/or occupancy control, straight out of the box!

Simple Standalone DALI Control

Designed to simplify lighting, our zencontrol simple DALI-2 sensors and switches allow automatic control of DALI lighting ‘out of the box’: no programming, no additional controllers, no system required!

Easy to wire, expand or remove, according to changing client needs.


The most cost-effective solution when only simple DALI control is required. Dimming and occupancy control immediately achieved – without commissioning.


If more advance building control features are required, they can be unlocked by adding a zencontrol application controller.

Simple as 1 – 2 – 3

simple dali applications - Standalone DALI - Simple DALI Solutions

Use a standalone DALI application for controlling your lighting, and it’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

You will need only:

    1. DALI enabled light fitting(s)
    2. zencontrol DALI-2 PSU
    3. zencontrol DALI-2 switch or sensor

Multiway Dimming and Switching

Multiple switches (or sensors) can be wired to the same installation and they will work seamlessly together.

Rotary or Pushbutton Dimming

Dependent on the application required, zencontrol switches are available as pushbuttons or rotary switches.

Scene Control

zc sceneset c a4 858x980 411x470 - Standalone DALI - Simple DALI SolutionsA Scenepanel switch allows quick recall of 3 common light levels as well as complete dimming control*.

Scene 1 (25%)
Scene 2 (50%)
Scene 3 (75%)
On / off

Presence Detection

Add a zencontrol sensor to add presence control to the room/area.

Works Together

Dependent on your required application, add multiple products together to achieve your desired results.

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