automated home systems Auckland

Automated Home Systems

It seems that everyone is talking about their “automated home” right now. What does it mean however to have an automated home system . . . and what is the difference? Virtually everyone these days includes a certain degree of…

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DALI lighting control NZ

DALI Lighting Control

What is DALI Lighting Control? As DALI lighting control is specified in more and more commercial projects in New Zealand, and as it becomes a lighting system of choice in numerous high end homes, we thought this topic may deserve…

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Smart Home Systems Auckland

Smart Home On A Small Budget

Homeowners often think if they own an older home, they are stuck with yesterday’s technology. This is not the case. You may not be building a new home but it doesn’t mean you can’t add some affordable ‘smarts’ to make life…

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smart home technology

Smart Home Technology – Data + Wi-Fi Networks

The data and Wi-Fi networks form the backbone of any smart home. Security systems, automation, computers, tables, printers, televisions, music and video streaming, CCTV, gaming consoles . . . almost all components of smart home technology require wireless communication, internet…

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LED inrush current

Controlling LED Lights

There are a variety of ways of controlling LED lights: trailing edge or leading edge, DALI, 1-10V, etc. There are also a huge number of LED lights and LED drivers in our New Zealand marketplace. Our recommendation therefore is always…

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emergency lighting compliance testing

Emergency Lighting Testing

Testing emergency lighting can be a real pain! But why not let the system test itself? The Australian and NZ Standard AS2293.2 requires that emergency evacuation lighting  systems should be inspected and maintained in accordance with relevant procedures specified in…

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Emergency Lighting Testing New Zealand

DALI Emergency Lighting

In New Zealand it has been common for emergency lighting to be a stand alone system, running completely independently of lighting control, often with very basic mechanical timer testing and usually no automated reporting or alert system. Overseas, the preferred…

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commercial lighting control

Commercial Lighting Control

Commercial lighting control is a term used to describe the various ways of controlling lights in commercial buildings of all kinds: from warehouses, offices and retail stores to schools, hospitals, hotels and more. The best commercial light control system for…

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