Weatherproof TV Enclosure

Weatherproof TV Enclosure New ZealandSafely use an indoor TV in an outdoor environment with our TV Shield or Display Shield outdoor television enclosure.

When a television is placed outside it is immediately at risk from the following hazards:

  • our New Zealand climate (heat, direct sun, rain, dust, etc);
  • damage from bugs, birds, or accidental impact (flying cricket balls, etc);
  • tampering or theft (outside of the home it is more vulnerable to opportunist vandals or thieves);

Our TV Shield and Display Shield ranges of protective TV cabinets provide a fully weatherproof outdoor television enclosure that is easy to install and will provide long term protection against all of the above hazards.

Weatherproof TV Enclosure New ZealandEach protective enclosure produced for the New Zealand market comes with a 230V thermostatically controlled cooling fan (dual fans for the largest size TV enclosures) which ensures the weatherproof TV enclosure keeps the television or digital display within optimal operating temperatures, and avoids the risk of overheating in our soaring summer temperatures.

The front shield is made from the same material as ‘bullet proof glass’ and provides ultimate protection against damage, whether accidental or intentional! The front cover is also well secured to defend against tampering or theft.

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