Waterproof TV Cabinet

Outdoor TV Cabinet

waterproof tv cabinetProtects any flatscreen TV or digital display in an outside environment.

Protects from New Zealand’s harsh climate, including heavy rain or direct sun.

The TV Shield is designed for the residential market and has a hinged front cover and can be opened for viewing as in the picture, or closed and viewed through the transparent protective front shield.

The Display Shield is the preferred option when the TV or digital display is to be installed in a public area and may be at risk of tampering or vandalism. The front screen is secured with tamper resistant screws to completely protect the TV or display within.

When a TV Shield or Display Shield is used an expensive waterproof TV is not required. Simply protect a standard TV within the TV Shield or Display Shield enclosure.

TV Cabinet Indoors

weatherproof tv cabinet new zealandThe Display Shield protective enclosures are also popular for use in commercial or industrial premises that may require ‘washing down’ and where a waterproof TV enclosure is required to protect the TV or digital display from water or moisture. They also provide protection against dust or impact damage in these types of commercial environments.

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