TV Shield – To Watch TV Outdoors

Watch TV Outdoors

weatherproof TV enclosures for outdoor televisionsOne thing that sets us apart, down under, is our love of all things outdoors!

More fortunate than our northern hemisphere neighbours, our weather is kinder, and more conducive to being outside.

We also love being on or by the water – whether on a boat, relaxing in our beachside retreat, or splashing in the pool in the backyard.

When we are at home, our outside entertaining areas, with decks, outside fireplaces or fire pits, loggia, pools and gazebos, are often more expansive than our actual house!

Even in cooler areas, or chillier seasons we still enjoy spending time outdoors.

TV Shield Weatherproof TV Enclosures for Outdoor Televisions

How fantastic that without huge expense, we can now have an all weather protective TV enclosure to allow installation of outdoor televisions in those exterior living spaces. Virtually any size or any model flat panel TV can be installed outside of the house, but be protected from weather, water, dust, damage or theft by a TV Shield outdoor TV enclosure. View video below:

Intelligent Environments are the distributor of TV Shield all weather TV enclosures in New Zealand + Australia, and offer the TV Shield with a variety of inclusive and optional accessories. See our online store for more details.

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