TV Protection

TV Protection, TV protector NZWe are the New Zealand distributors for the TV Shield range of enclosures which provide the ultimate in TV protection in virtually any environment.

There are two different ranges of enclosures available. One, the TV Shield, is intended more for the residential market although is also providing popular in cafes, bars and other hospitality venues.

Outdoor TV Protection

The TV Shield can be used to provide outdoor TV protection – basically allowing any flat panel television to function as a flat screen outdoor TV as by installing it within our TV protector, it is protected 24/7 from virtually everything the environment might throw at it: rain, heat, dust, bugs – even a flying cricket ball!

TV Protection, TV Protector NZIndoor TV Protection

TV protection can also be necessary indoors – and we’ve supplied numerous TV protectors to places such as sports bars, health facilities, care homes where a TV Shield enclosure can be used to protect the TV from damage, accidental or intentional!

The TV Shield has a hinged front cover which can be propped open when required. This allows easy access to the TV inside, but also secures with dual chamber keylocks to protect the flatscreen outdoor TV from damage or theft.

The Display Shield has been developed for the commercial market. The front screen is secured with tamperproof screws that require a special tool to remove them (supplied with the Display Shield). This enclosure provides the same type of TV protection, or protection for digital signage or displays, but is better suited to public spaces that may not be monitored as the design provides even greater protection against vandalism.

TV Protection, TV protector NZThe Display Shield is also used as a TV protector in places such as manufacturing plants where the enclosure may need to protect the TV or display from high levels of dust, or water (in wash down areas) and so on. Display Shields have even been used in mining operations! This range of enclosure come in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Both TV Shield and Display Shield enclosures come supplied with a thermostatically controlled fan cooling system to suit our challenging New Zealand climate, and ensure the television or display within the enclosure does not overheat. For cooler areas, a thermostatically controlled fan heater is available as an optional accessory.

For TV protection indoors or outside, for a cost effective TV protector, supplied by a New Zealand company, you need search no further!

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