Protection for a TV Outside – or Inside!

TV Shields and Display Shields are designed to provide weatherproof protection for a TV outside,  but are also commonly used to protect televisions or digital displays indoors.

Manufactured from High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE), a material specifically rated for outside use and durability, these are the lightest, most cost-effective protective enclosures  on the market whether you are seeking protection for a TV outside, or inside!

Suitable for use with any standard flat screen television or display, these enclosures can be used in commercial or residential situations. The thick, ultra clear, Lexan® polycarbonate front screen allows direct viewing of the TV or display, but provides complete defence from impact damage.

The robust construction of these TV enclosures, and their shatterproof front screens has made TV Shield and Display Shield a popular choice for to use indoors in cases where an unprotected television poses a risk. In a situation where there may be additional risk of tampering, the Display Shield has added protection with anti-tamper screws securing the front screen.

When protection of a TV outside is required, all protective elements of the TV Shield and Display Shield enclosures come into play.

The robust construction mentioned above, provides ultimate protection in an outdoors environment, defending the television or display against New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions, including rain, heat and humidity. The thermostatically controlled fan cooling system prevents the electronics in the TV or digital display from overheating in extreme summer temperatures, but the fans and vents are further protected to keep bugs and dust out.

Our customers choose our outdoor TV enclosure over others because of lower costs, ease of installation, durability, weather resistance, and security. View our TV Shield and Display Shield enclosures.

Protect your TV outside + inside