How Can I Watch TV Outside in NZ?

The TV Shield outdoor TV enclosure was developed originally by brothers Justin and Jarad King who wanted to be able to watch TV outside, but couldn’t find any solution with a reasonable price tag. The only options seemed to be impractical grill covers or hugely expensive outdoor TVs. In 2009 the brothers started a company to find a better alternative to protect TVs from damage and after much research and development the TV Shield range of protective outdoor TV enclosures was developed.

Outdoor TV Enclosure NZ - protect TVs from damageWhen Intelligent Environments were required to provide a digital display on Auckland’s waterfront in 2013, they searched far and wide to find a suitable product that could house and protect the display screen from damage, and handle the elements of New Zealand’s climate including rain, heat, moisture, and insects. The durable and water resistant TV Shield turned out to be the answer, meeting all needs for the company and the client, and even withstanding everything a tropical cyclone could throw at it!

Intelligent Environments Limited consequently became the authorised distributor for The TV Shield New Zealand range of products.

Why Do I Need A TV Shield?

Outdoor TV Enclosure NZ - protect TVs from damageIf you want to watch TV outside in NZ a standard television will not survive for very long without protection from the weather, from heat, and from moisture.

In an outdoors environments the screen is also subject to impact damage: from a ball, birds, insects, objects becoming airborne during a storm, and so on.

An outdoor television may also be subject to theft or vandalism.

The TV Shield outdoor TV enclosure offers long term means to protect TVs from damage from any of these elements and is competitively priced, with free shipping

Also unlike a pricey outdoor television that has to be completely replaced as technology evolves, the TV Shield provides long term savings. It allows you to upgrade a standard TV to enjoy the latest technology, but enables you to use the TV Shield again, with the new TV, continuing to provide full protection.

The TV Shield outdoor TV cabinet comes in a variety of sizes to suit flat panel TVs from as small as 19″, to as large as 60+”.

Protect TVs from damage - Outdoor TV Enclosure NZ for complete TV protectionA range of enclosures for commercial environments has also been developed, the Display Shield.

TV Shield and Display Shield enclosures now protect TVs from damage in over 6000 residential and commercial locations in more than 15 countries worldwide, and are also proving popular to similarly protect digital signs and display screens.

Intelligent Environments have supplied TV Shield and Display Shield protective enclosures for:

  • Residential homes – to watch TV outside, on the deck, in the loggia, by the pool
  • Residential homes – where impact damage could occur e.g. flying remotes in the games room, residential facilities for people with disabilities
  • Tourist locations – Sydney Harbour Bridge, a popular ski resort, and more
  • Commercial locations – Auckland airport, train station, food processing plant, and more
  • Sports + entertainment venues – restaurants, sports bars, beer gardens, swimming pools, theme parks. sports complex

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