LED Lighting Control

Introducing the GEFL-PB, a flush mounted PIR movement sensor with push button functionality.

Simple energy saving technology for the home or the workplace.

LED lighting Control










Easy To Install   –   Easy to Set Up

Start saving energy with a very low investment

  • Movement sensor auto on/auto off
  • Works with any type of lamp (even for LED lighting control)
  • Switches any type of load
  • Lux level sensing
  • Range up to 6m at 2.8m mounting height
  • Adjustable timer (1m-30m)

Simple Installation + Set Up

LED Lighting Control





Load Rating at 230VAC:

  • Resistive = 8A
  • Incandescent = 8A
  • Fluorescent = 4A
  • Compact Fluorescent = 3A
  • LED = 3A

LED lighting controlDownload User Guide

We can also assist with controlling LED lights as part of an overall lighting control system. Give us a call to discuss your needs.