Lighting Control Systems

control system security

Is your control system at risk of cyber-attack?

How vulnerable is your control system? Could IoT devices be hacked, and access gained to sensitive information technology (IT) data? The continued convergence of information technology and operation technology highlights the need for all systems to have comprehensive cyber protection...

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lighting control system dali

Lighting Control System DALI-2 or alternative

When the specification states “or alternative” The specification at tender stage often states “Lighting control system: DALI-2 system to be installed or alternative”. The meaning behind the words “Lighting Control System DALI or alternative” (sometimes “or equivalent”) must be fully...

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DALI-2 Drivers

DALI Drivers – Driving You Up The Wall?

DALI Drivers What is this issue with DALI drivers? How can they sell them if they’re not compliant? Does it really matter if they don’t have the DALI logo? What’s the difference between DALI and DALI-2 and why does it...

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