Lighting Control Systems

wireless standard 235x235 - DALI+ Wireless Lighting Management

DALI+ Wireless Lighting Management

zencontrol offers a wireless lighting management (DALI+) solution built on International Standard IEC62386 Part 104 which is ‘Wireless DALI over Thread’. The DALI standards were adopted in their entirety as the Australian/New Zealand standard for lighting control (AS/NZS 62386). A...

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Dimming LEDs

Dimming LED Lights

With fluorescent T5 and T8 lights being phased out, and the manufacture of fluorescent tubes ceasing, NOW is likely the best time to consider upgrading the lighting system for your building.  Controlling and dimming LED lights is relatively simple and...

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Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI)

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, abbreviated to “DALI” is a highly advanced lighting control system that is designed to deliver unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use. It is an open standard protocol that is widely used in modern lighting systems,...

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Base build lighting control

Base Build Lighting Control

In construction, "Base Build" refers to the works done to provide the basic elements by the developer of the commercial building. Once the building is let to tenants the developer may undertake the tenancy fit-outs, or the tenant may take...

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History of DALI automation

The Evolution of DALI Automation (Lighting Control)

When DALI automation first emerged into the lighting controls market, like all new technologies it had its teething problems. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) was originally developed to allow digital control, configuration, and querying of fluorescent ballasts. It was designed...

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