LED Lighting Control

LED Lighting Control Made Easy

Introducing the GEFL-PB, a flush mounted PIR movement sensor with push button functionality.

We get many queries regarding an easy LED lighting control system. You won’t find anything easier than this! Simple energy saving technology for the home or the workplace.

LED lighting Control










Easy To Install   –   Easy to Set Up

Start saving energy with a very low investment

  • Movement sensor auto on/auto off
  • Works with any type of lamp
  • Switches any type of load
  • Lux level sensing
  • Range up to 6m at 2.8m mounting height
  • Adjustable timer (1m-30m)

Simple Installation + Set Up

LED Lighting Control





Load Rating at 230VAC:

  • Resistive = 8A
  • Incandescent = 8A
  • Fluorescent = 4A
  • Compact Fluorescent = 3A
  • LED = 3A

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We can also assist with LED lighting control as part of an overall lighting control system, including DALI addressable systems. Give us a call to discuss your needs.