The TV Shield® and Display Shield® enclosures are the perfect solution for protecting televisions or digital signage in all ‘at risk’ situations. They provide the ideal TV protection for NZ Businesses. From protecting outdoor TVs from rain and sun, and defending digital score boards in sports stadiums from impact damage, to keeping digital menus in a restaurant safe from vandalism – the TV Shield® range of protective enclosures protects TVs and digital displays in more than 16 countries worldwide, in more than 6500 residential and commercial locations.  To view some of the New Zealand businesses using our enclosures for TV protection in their own business or for their client, please see below.

This page is still under construction. If you have purchased a protective enclosure from us and would like to see your brand below, please contact us.

Our Business Customers

TV Protection for NZ Businesses TV Protection for NZ Businesses  TV Protection for NZ Businesses