DALI Automation for Costco’s New Zealand Store

  • Sector: Retail | Warehouse
  • System: zencontrol
  • Status: Complete
  • End Client: Costco
  • Builder: Haydn Rollet
  • Engineer: Norman Disney Young
  • Electrical Contractor: Dickson Gray Electrical
  • Controls Specialist: Sanjiv Gounder

DALI Automation for new Costco Store

There has certainly been lots of interest since American retail giant, Costco, announced they were building their first store in New Zealand. Bringing competition among a number of markets, including essentials such as petrol, groceries, tyres, hearing aids, prescription glasses – and other desirable products such as branded clothing, shoes, televisions, outdoor furniture and much more.

Costco is the world’s second-largest retailer (after Walmart). Founded in Seattle in 1983, it now has over 273,000 employees and 803 store locations worldwide. Opened just this week, the newest Auckland store is located at 2 Gunton Drive and is part of the Westgate Shopping Centre, one of New Zealand’s largest urbanisation projects and the hub for the rapidly expanding communities of Auckland’s North West.

The Costco premise is based on value and bulk buying, retailing through “Big Box” (warehouse) stores which focus on providing customers (members) with value products at best possible prices.

Costco Warehouse 470x418 - DALI Automation for Costco's New Zealand StoreIEL were contracted by Dickson Gray Electrical to design and commission the lighting control system for the new building.

Although DALI automation is incorporated, the project required control of a mix of DALI lights and relay-controlled (on/off) lights.

Dimming is provided for the optical department, pharmacy centre and first aid room.

When the building is armed after hours, the lights turn off in a staged sequence, and when the building is disarmed lights turn on in the same manner to reduce inrush current. Integration with the alarm system has been provided via an interface.

The manager’s office has a smart switch to provide overall control of the various areas, as well as local switches and sensors throughout providing for local control.