DALI System – Refurbishment of Office Space

  • Sector: Offices
  • System: zencontrol
  • Status: Complete

Earlier this year Intelligent Environments were contracted to provide lighting control for a new tenancy in 10 Madden Street. As a zencontrol DALI system had been installed for the building in 2020 it was an easy solution to add the additional requirements for the new tenant without disruption to other tenancies.


  • End Client: Precinct Properties
  • Tenancy: DNA Design
  • Engineer: Mott McDonald
  • Electrical Contractor: Bishman Ltd
  • Control Specialist(s): Manu Bhagwanji

DALI System – Office Refurbishment at 10 Madden Street

10 Madden St was completed in 2020 as part of the second stage of the Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct.

Intelligent Environments were contracted to provide the lighting control for the original building, and have also designed/commissioned the DALI systems for the tenancies within the building (including Google and Media Design School).

Bishman Ltd requested us to look at how a refurbishment for the lighting controls for a new tenant on the ground floor could be best accomplished. It was an easy solution to just add the additional tenancy requirements into the existing zencontrol DALI system for control of the lighting in the office suite, meetings rooms, boardrooms, and kitchen.

We were able to re-use the lighting components from the basebuild in conjunction with additional lighting control devices such as sensors and a smart touch panel.

The emergency fittings are also controlled via the zencontrol DALI system. The new controllers were added to the existing network.

For the small offices control was provided via a 1-gang switch and motion sensor.

The boardroom was fitted with a 2-gang switch and motion sensor.

Master switch (touch panel) was installed at the entry – with buttons programmed for master control, plus operation of lighting in reception, open plan and common areas.

After hours the kitchen and open-plan area are controlled by sensor.  All sensors pre-set to a 30 minute timeout.