Smart Environment For Level 9 Fitout PWC Tower

  • Sector: Offices
  • System: zencontrol DALI-2
  • Status: Complete
  • End Client: FNZ
  • Building Owner: Precinct Properties
  • Engineer: Norman Disney Young
  • Electrical contractor: Electrix
  • Control Specialist(s): Manu Bhagwanji | Julian Beckham

Smart Environment For New Tenant Fitout

Over two years since the spectacular Commercial Bay retail area opened, along with PWC Tower, providing a smart environment for numerous businesses tenanting this 40-level office building.

Uncertain times have created a need for even greater flexibility in the design of the spaces that are home to New Zealand businesses.

Being able to respond to the needs of the building tenants for an increase or decrease in space requirements can be the difference between losing a good tenant, or keeping them for many years to come.

Precinct Properties accommodated a change for a tenant requiring a larger space in their PWC Tower, by undertaking a new office fitout on level 9 and moving them into this enhanced space.

By utilising zencontrol DALI room controllers, Intelligent Environments were able to commission and hand over the various tenancies in stages as required. This meant later fitouts like this one for FNZ were able to be brought online without interruption to existing completed areas.

The tenancy now features a welcoming entrance/lounge area, various meeting rooms, an open plan workspace and a large staff cafeteria.

The lighting throughout the open-plan workspace is intelligently controlled by sensors located throughout the tenancy. This allows lighting to operate according to natural lighting levels, reducing light levels when ambient lighting is sufficient.

Presence detection is also employed ensuring lighting only operates in areas which are occupied.

As well as providing enhanced comfort by reducing the glare of over-illumination, the above features also lower power consumption and prolong the longevity of the luminaires. A smart environment is thus created that is responsive to the needs of those using the space.

The lighting within the meeting rooms can be dimmed manually as required, along with simple control of additional programmable pre-set scenes.

Smaller rooms and bathrooms are also controlled by sensors but with schedules providing different levels of operation according to the time of day.

A full emergency monitored system was also installed with no requirement for additional wiring as devices were connected to the existing DALI system.