Warehouse Lighting Control

Sector: Warehouses
Lead Engineer: Manu Bhagwanji

warehouse lighting control DB Patiki 470x353 - Warehouse Lighting ControlThis new warehousing facility on Patiki Road, Avondale comprises five warehouses.

The warehouse lighting control system comprises C-Bus relays installed in local distribution boards.

Touchscreens in each building provide a graphical interface to allow easy scheduling of the lighting, and manual control for internal/external lighting when required.

Lux sensors provide additional control of the internal lighting, and of external canopy and carpark lighting.

When in ‘auto’ mode the lighting inside the warehouses are controlled via the lux level sensors, with lighting to be switched down to 50% or fully ‘off’ when natural light levels are sufficient.

warehouse lighting control system Patiki 470x353 - Warehouse Lighting Control

Lights can be manually forced on, or off when required. Within the warehouse lighting control system, the lights are programmed to come on in timed stages to reduce potential damage from inrush currents.

Outside circuits for security, canopy and signage are controlled via timeclock schedules and/or external daylight sensor.