Remote Lighting Control Projects – No Site Visits Required

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Remote Lighting Control

Using the DALI-2 zencontrol cloud-based commissioning platform along with a network connection enables us to remotely program, maintain, and make any necessary changes to projects New Zealand wide, with no site visits required.

BECA Offices, New Plymouth

BECA new plymouth 470x242 - Remote Lighting Control Projects - No Site Visits RequiredBECA’s new office fit out in New Plymouth was one project undertaken where the site was commissioned without physically attending site via remote lighting control. Working closely with the electrical contractor the brief for this ‘design and construct’ project was to provide a DALI lighting control solution that incorporated daylight harvesting and occupancy control for workspace areas.

The design was based around zencontrol’s room controller solution where DALI fittings and control devices are wired into pre-configured DALI groups using the simple “plug-in” system. This reduces wiring significantly. The DDLI fittings and associated switches and sensors were then automatically addressed and assigned into their customised groups to reflect the new tenancy layout.

Energy conservation was foremost in mind in the design of the DALI system. Sensors were employed throughout the office to ensure energy efficiency was maintained as well as automating the switching on/off of lights.

Sustainability in design is one of the key drivers for the Engineers and Consultants at BECA. Engineers on staff opted to have an active role in tuning the configuration of the lighting control system to ensure optimum energy efficiency. zencontrol Planview provides the tools for BECA to quickly visualise the status of their office system.


Argosy Offices + Boardroom, Auckland City

BMS Integration PlanView 470x384 - Remote Lighting Control Projects - No Site Visits RequiredThe existing wired DALI system was upgraded to zencontrol to allow for ease of maintenance of the site via remote lighting control. The new equipment was supplied to the electrician for installation and then programmed remotely by our controls specialist.

Office  – new zencontrol sensors were installed and parameters set up for control of the office space and appropriate schedules as required by the client. Additionally sensor control provided for the lunch room, and a 2 key switch for local control provided for the meeting spaces.

Boardroom – new zencontrol sensors for the boardroom installed/programmed as above, and a 2-key switch programmed for local control.

Graphical Interface – Planview was set up for live viewing of their system from any location.

The controllers are integrated into the client internal network, commissioning implemented via the internet. Future adds/moves/changes can therefore be achieved with minimal disruption to the client’s workspace.


Unity Drive 470x239 - Remote Lighting Control Projects - No Site Visits Required

5 Unity Drive (Warehouse)

The remote lighting control system was used to control two zones in the building via a schedule. A lux sensor was installed in both zones. LCP installed as an override switch to control both zones

Lux level sensor controlling exterior lighting

Commissioned remotely via the 3G network.


methven 470x313 - Remote Lighting Control Projects - No Site Visits Required

Methven Warehouse, Auckland

A simple system to control the warehouse lighting was required.

We supplied a local control override switch with lux level sensing to provide standard control of the warehouse high bay lighting, plus time schedules to suit the client’s needs.

The control units were supplied pre-programmed and a controls specialist then made adjustments via the remote lighting control system as required.


Food Court, Motorway Service Centre, Bombay

A simple system was required to provide control via schedules for relays and contactors for the control of signage, internal walkway lighting, and the outdoor dining arcade.

A lux level sensor controls the exterior canopy lighting.

The equipment was installed by the electrical contractor. A 3G router was supplied that enabled programming to be completed remotely.