Netball North Harbour – Wireless Lighting Control

Sector: Sporting Facilities
Solutions Architect: Rebecca Melton

netball 235x235 - Netball North Harbour - Wireless Lighting ControlWireless Lighting Control

Netball North Harbour installed new energy saving LED high bay lighting at their base on Auckland’s north shore. They required ‘user friendly’ controls for easy set up of lighting dependent on how the stadium was to be used. As well as for netball the stadium is regularly hired out for other events including boxing matches and award ceremonies. Each requires quite different lighting.

As the project entailed re-fitting an existing building, it was decided that an An-10 wireless system would be the most cost effective solution, whilst providing the flexibility in the operation of the lights that was required.

Ballast controllers were installed by Coll Electrical on each luminaire allowing individual and group control (on/off/dimming) for each luminaire. The luminaires were also grouped for each netball court to allow for simple area control.

An-10 can provide both DALI/DSI and 1-10V dimming. No daylight harvesting was required for this project, but it is a feature that could be implemented if required. One of the benefits of an An-10 wireless system is that it can be easily changed or expanded to meet future as well as current needs.

A tablet connects wirelessly with the system’s master controller, enabling the client to control the courts with pre-set scenes, run + adjust time schedules, and access the system remotely.