Countdown Supermarkets – Energy Saving Controls

Sector: Retail

countdown - Countdown Supermarkets - Energy Saving ControlsEnergy Saving Controls for Supermarket Chain:

Countdown is working hard to make their stores ‘greener’ by installing energy saving controls.

Owners, Progressive, are committed to helping achieve an overall 40% reduction in the company’s carbon footprint by 2015.

With this goal in mind, new Countdown supermarkets will incorporate proven sustainable principles to reduce their environmental footprints, including elements such as:

  • increased use of natural light
  • energy efficient refrigeration cabinets including upright freezers, with glass doors designed to prevent cool air loss to the store environment
  • freezer night-blinds which hold the cold air in when the store is closed
  • building management systems which reduce excessive electricity consumption
  • recycling heat from refrigeration coils
  • new more environmentally friendly refrigerant gases used to run the entire refrigeration and freezer requirements of the store.

Intelligent Environments have been contracted to supply and programme the retail lighting control systems for new generation stores at:

  • Bureta Park, Taurangacountdown bureta Supermarket lighting controls e1417994713763 - Countdown Supermarkets - Energy Saving Controls
  • Whitianga, Coromandel
  • Kamo, Whangarei


The C-Bus retail lighting control systems provided will allow for bi-level switching of the trading areas, and DSI dimming at the checkouts. This will allow maximum usage of natural light with artificial lighting supplementing only as necessary to maintain appropriate lighting levels. Exterior lights, including signage, will operate via time scheduling.