C-Bus Lighting Control System

C-Bus Lighting Control System New ZealandC-Bus cannot really be considered a ‘latest trend’ as it has a long and proven history as a prominent player in the fields of commercial lighting controls and home automation. It does however provide a robust and reliable framework, with which to integrate many of the new and emerging technologies that can certainly be classed within the category of “latest trends”!

C-Bus Lighting Control System New ZealandC-Bus was created by Australia’s Clipsal Integrated Systems (now part of Schneider Electric) for use with its brand of building lighting controls and home automation.

It is a microprocessor-based control and management system used to control lighting and other electrical sub systems such as pumps, motorised blinds, audio visual devices, and more.

C-Bus Lighting Control System New ZealandWhether the requirements are for simple ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit, or variable (analogue) type control, such as electronic dimmable fluorescent ballasts, C-Bus can control virtually any type of electrical load.

For fast and reliable operation, every C-Bus device has a built-in microprocessor allowing units to be individually programmed to create an “intelligent” system.

CC-Bus Lighting Control System New Zealand-Bus provides a robust lighting control and energy management solution. The system has been used in commercial and residential installations worldwide, and is supported in New Zealand by Schneider Electric NZ.

As C-Bus approved installers, Platinum Partners and Point One Integration Professionals, Intelligent Environments have many years experiC-Bus Lighting Control System New Zealandence in the design and commissioning of C-Bus control systems. With such a depth of experience, comes the ability to work quickly and effectively to ensure the system meets the client’s needs and their budget.

We also have considerable experience in upgrading older, unsupported control systems such as eBos, and converting them to a C-Bus system to provide the functionality that the failing eBos systems are unable to supply.

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