Emergency Lighting System

Sector: Correction Facilities
Lead Engineer:
Yinan He

Emergency Lighting System for Maximum Security Prison

Major works are now completed as part of a project to upgrade New Zealand’s only maximum security prison.

The final re-development will hold up to 260 prisoners with the prison’s total capacity at 681.

The current building dates to 1968 and it is considered to be outdated and lacking the capability to support the rehabilitation and reintegration programmes required for a modern prison. In addition the upgraded facility when finished will be safer for staff, prisoners and visitors.

Paremoremo 470x264 - Emergency Lighting SystemIntelligent Environments were contracted to provide a monitored emergency lighting system for this project. Working with Bishman Electrical and Aesthetics Lighting, a Rapix emergency system was installed that enables automated testing and reporting of all emergency fittings for ease of maintenance and full compliance with required standards.

The security elements of the Rapix emergency system impressed the stakeholders, and was an important factor in the choice that was made.

For this project the Rapix Emergency Lighting System will be run on a dedicated DALI emergency network.

The system will schedule maintenance tests and will detect any schedule conflicts to ensure best practice. Reports will be compiled on all passes/failures and alerts will automatically be sent to appropriate personnel. With automated compliance testing, there will be no issues with meeting current standards.