Remote Management

Remote management using cloud based control allows you, or designated staff members, to monitor and make adjustments to your building system from anywhere: from work, from home, while travelling – or even on vacation!

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Remote Monitoring or Remote Management?

In the world of building control systems, remote management can mean different things to different people. It can be as simple as monitoring the building services, and then sending reports on this data to numerous ‘remote’ locations. Or it may be taking total control of a building system from the other side of the world!

Cloud Based Access

Combining your building control system with a cloud based access solution, allows true ‘remote management’ to be implemented, with the ability to monitor and ‘tweak’ your building’s performance from virtually anywhere in the world, that has access to the internet.

Maintenance Headaches Disappear

When an issue occurs and you need a rapid response, with a cloud based management system you can have an engineer troubleshoot the system in real time from a remote location. Speeding up your building’s return to normal status.

As well as making maintenance faster and more effective, costs are greatly reduced. No more costly trips to site, as most problems can be pinpointed, and often solved, from off site locations. Equipment failures can be identified, replacement units obtained, pre-programmed, and then couriered for your own electrician to fit.

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Past Projects

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DALI lightinng system North Shore - Remote Management

DALI Lighting System for Surgical Centre

Intelligent Environments Ltd were contracted to supply and commission the controls for the DALI lighting system at this three-storey surgical centre at 213 Shakespeare Road on Auckland's North Shore.  The day-stay hospital has three operating theatres and specialises in performing keyhole orthopaedic ...