Mt Eden Residence

MtEdenResidence - Mt Eden ResidenceIntelligent Environments Limited completed another successful eBos to C-Bus changeover for a large four level residence in Auckland.

eBos was hailed as the latest technology in its day but is no longer being manufactured. It is now almost impossible to find a programmer willing to work on this system. The good news however, is that much of the existing eBos cabling can be re-utilised with a C-Bus system.

The challenge for tackling a full retrofit is that wiring diagrams and circuit lists are rarely up to date, and a lot of investigative work is necessary in the early stages.

In this particular property, working closely with the client, most of the original wiring has been reconnected, with additional wiring installed where necessary to achieve their requirement to control not just lighting, but also garage doors, gates, alarm and smoke detectors.

The installation of DLTs (dynamic labelling technology) and colour touchscreen has provided more comprehensive and user friendly control for the householder, and they now own a home automation system that is supported by a worldwide manufacturer.