Courier Post

Courier Post 02 - Courier PostIntelligent Environments Limited were selected by the electrical contractor, to design and program the lighting control system for the warehouse of the huge 19,5000m2 new Courier Post facility in Highbrook. This is one of two projects that are part of the Green Star Industrial PILOT tool trial.

Intelligent Environments Limited are experienced providers of energy efficient solutions and specialise in creating intelligent environments for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Although a simple and cost effective solution was required, the necessary design to provide this was fairly complex. The warehouse had been designed with six independent zones, varying in size and shape. The lighting needs of each zone, as specified, were to respond independently.

The final design used a combination of 8 and 12 channel relays, in conjunction with sensors to monitor light levels.

Natural light available from the warehouse’s skylights allow the lighting to be reduced via step switching to allow maximum lighting efficiency. The sensors were programmed to allow for short term changes in natural light (e.g. temporary cloud cover), only initiating the step dimming upwards or downwards, if the change continued beyond the pre-determined limits.

Using a C-Bus control system negated the need for multicore switching and provided the opportunity for centralised control via two touchscreens allowing an infinite range of switching options and clear, user friendly, labelling. Intelligent Environments Limited specialise in high level programming of touchscreens, providing the client with an intuitive interface allowing step by step, easy to understand control.

In addition Intelligent Environments were asked to provide lighting control for the Meeting Room in the separate CourierPost Offices complex.

Fluorescent DSI dimming was installed to assist with AV presentations. DSI controllers were utilised, housed within the office distribution board.