Lighting System Upgrade – Retrofit Solution

Sector: Offices
Controls Specialist: Manu Bhagwanji

Lighting System UpGrade

3 Unity Drive 470x396 - Lighting System Upgrade - Retrofit SolutionArgosy Properties were undertaking an upgrade of one of their tenanted buildings. As part of the development a lighting system upgrade was required. The need was for a retrofit solution that would provide minimal inconvenience for the tenant.

The areas to be retrofitted included the kitchen, offices, workshop and storage area. The upgrade to the lighting system also incorporated external lighting.

IEL were contracted by Grammar Electrical to design and commission the lighting control system for the upgraded areas of the building.

A zencontrol DALI-2 system was installed. Sensors and switches were installed and programmed to allow control of the various internal areas that had been refurbished, and a lux level sensor now controls the external lighting for the building.

The ability to program and make changes to the lighting control system remotely ensured the tenant was inconvenienced as little as possible.

► End Client: Argosy

► Engineer: Ensor Consulting

► Builder: Cape Construction

► Electrical Contractor: Grammar Electrical